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Certified Art Instruction
Welcome to our site!
We look forward to introducing you to the
wonderful world of artistic painting.
Wet on wet techniques with oils bring a rich
feeling and realism to your new, treasured
creations.  We hope this website motivates you
to visit the Don Ross Art Studio in the town of
Sweet Home, Oregon.
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We also bring the studio to you through a
number of venues and scheduled events
throughout the year.
Classes for beginners
and advanced artists!
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New students discover their hidden talents and
unique ability to complete their first detailed
work of art in as little as 4 hours.  They walk
away with a memorable project that they will
proudly cherish and display for a lifetime.  It is a
truly moving and emotional experience.  
Satisfaction guaranteed!
Don Ross
Art Studio
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Painting is exciting!
Learn to paint at any age!
Painting is exciting!
Classes available for everyone!

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Don has been working with a number of
schools and programs to provide enriching
art studies and activities for children.   

It's always a great pleasure for Don to fulfill
his student's love of Art!
Mustang Project
Mt. Majestic
The Snow Couple
Snowman - Water Color
Copper Kettle
Evening Glow
Red Sunset
Yellow Sunset
Painting is exciting!
Learn to paint at any age!
Don's Mountain
Mono-chromatic. Makes a
wonderful gift. Unique!
"New" Projects for Everyone!
Mountain Framed
Moon  Light
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Sparrow 3
Sparrow 2
Sparrow 1
Blue Heron