Featured Collection:
The Iris
Vibrant beauty and
captivating colors of
the Iris.  
Don Ross
Art Studio
No. 111
The Barn
There is a sense of
quiet and being alone
while walking
through the snow to
the barn.   
The Car
Nostalgic and fun,
"The Car" brings
something special
to and from the
No. 710
Winter Wonderland
Students love to
paint this mystic
winter wonderland.  
No. 810
No. 312
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Palm Ocean
Take me away to a
place of fun, sun
and beauty.
No. 412
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Ocean Awakening
This ocean view
causes one to
wonder if the surf is
building in fury or
gently subsiding.
No. 411
Ocean Beauty
No. 415
Floral Vase
Timeless natural
beauty arranged to
be enjoyed indoors.  
No. 117
The fullness and
colors of the iris
show the beauty of
this natural gift to
The eyes of this
tiger reveal
strength,  thought,
and mystery.
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Tiger Power
No. 510
Iris Bloom Flower
No. 510
No. 511
The Eagle
No. 513
Winter Oval
No. 315
Flower Basket
No. 113
Garden Renaissance
No. 112
Pink Rose
No. 119
Heading South
No. 321
The Eagle.  Enjoy
the freedom.
The Mallard
captured in flight.
A perspective of an
enchanting winter.
The flower basket
brings pleasant
surroundings to any
room in the home.
Sit in this chair and
enjoy the peace and
The rose, imagine
what the world
would be like
without the rose.
Feel the freshness,
the brisk air and
natural beauty. See
the geese heading
south for the winter.
Birds of Feathers
Different birds
sitting in harmony.  
No. 1621
Mt. Hood Spring
Another season view
displaying the
wonder of nature.
No. 1617
Alone on the Lake
It is where you want
to be, in quiet and
We often forget the
beauty of the
changing seasons.
Mt. Hood Summer
No. 1616        
Mountain  Panel
Unique concept for
the right setting.  
Painting on wood
simulated panel.
No. 1626
Dancing Lake
Feel and sense the
shallow waves.
No. 1601
Twighlight Waterfall
The falls are still
aglow in this evening
No. 1602
Petal Arrangement
Creative use of color
and floral arranging.  
No. 1623
Sunflower Delight
How fun it is. It
makes you feel good.
No. 1612
Stream of Light
Light changing view
of a bubbling brook.
No. 1604
Stream of Seasons
A stream view
captured during a
special season.
No. 1611
Real Iris
Colors inspired by a
real variety of Iris.
No. 1609
Our Duty
Remembers who we
are and what we
stand for.
No. 1624
Don's Mountain
Mono-chromatic. Makes a
wonderful gift. Unique!
No. 1667
Water Colors

Bird On A Wire

A delicate and lonely little
fellow looking for a home.

No. 101


Moonlight and

No. 102

Flash of Floral

A brilliant bouquet floating in

No. 103
Grace Walk
A taste of heaven's
No. 1594
Watering Falls
A refreshing
waterfall framed by
No. 1595
Floral Pashion
A vivid floral
No. 1596
Forest Oval
Be drawn into a
theme of beauty and
No. 1423
Stirring Waters
Beautiful and
No. 1598
Peaceful and colorful.
No. 508
Wave On
Enjoy the surf and
striking light as
waves fall.
No. 1675
Earth Wind and Fire
stunning, and
awesome colors.
No. 1676
Mountain Discovery
A walk through the
woods brings the
mountain into view.
No. 1677
This Cardinal
This happy Cardinal
is looking at you.
No. 1631
Sunset Mountain
Stillness, as winds rest,
and a lake giving a warm
No. 1646
Mountain Captured
captured in beautiful
light and emotion.
No. 1645
Reflective Pool
A lake, trees, and
mountain bring
natures majesty.
No. 1644
Lighting the way
while facing the
power of the ocean.
No. 1624
Don's Summer collection. Great
projects for any time of the
year. Come paint with Don. See
mountains, enjoy the ocean, join
with the beauty of nature!
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