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Don Ross Art Studio
Located nearby the Santiam Highway  in  Sweet Home, Oregon is the Don Ross
Art Studio.  Don's love for art has inspired him to give the gift of painting to
others.  In 2002 Don discovered his creative passion for art.  Now students of all
ages are enjoying Don's teachings.  Don has continued to receive praise from his
students along with many positive comments:

" I didn't know I could do it."
" I'm finding art to be soothing and meeting my desire for creativity."
" I've noticed my confidence increasing and anxiousness about life decreasing."
" My friends and family could not believe what I have accomplished. "  
" My thanks to the Don Ross Art Studio and especially to Don.  He has been one
of the most delightful people I've met. "
" Painting makes me happy. "
" I encourage anyone at any age to discover their inner artist."
Don Ross
Let me personally invite you to a small town in Oregon. Once known mainly for
logging and timber products, Sweet Home is developing culturally as a stopover for
many tourists and those traveling through the Cascade mountains to the Sisters and
Bend area.  Stop by and become part of Sweet Home, a growing  destination for
shops, restaurants, and talented artists.  

Other activities to do in and around the Sweet Home area include:
A Special Message from Don
Don Ross
Art Studio
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